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If only Parenthood came with a manual

Ever wondered...where is the "what to expect while you're expecting" book for your relationship?

We certainly have!

We were tired of that question. So, we created a workshop to support you and your partner transition to parenthood together!

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Wondering if our workshop is for you?

We designed this workshop not to give you the answers to every Parenthood concern (that would be impossible) but to give you the confidence that no matter what LIFE, YOUR KIDS, YOUR JOB, or even YOUR FAMILY throw your way you will always end on the SAME TEAM!

The most important relationship your family is the one between you and your partner. It is the foundation of your family, and the model of what relationships look like for your kids. Preserve what you have worked so hard already building while learning how to navigate this new territory together. 

Couples will learn how to:

  • Co-parent with their partner and their unique parenting style

  •  Strategies for strengthening your friendship

  •  Tools to resolving conflict 

  • Encourage proactive solution based communication

  • Approach intimacy after baby and keep the connection alive

  • Navigate in-laws, family and friends as well as discover how these relationships impact your relationship.

  • Decide how to organize roles around the house and all of the new “to-dos” that come with a baby.

  • Preserve the relationship you built together while growing together in your new roles.

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Regular Workshop

When:Every Wednesday for 4 weeks


Extra: workbook included

Location: The Mama'hood

2902 Zuni St, Denver, CO, 8021

Cost: $250/couple

Fall Dates: Sept 8th- Sept 28th

                      Oct 27th- Nov 17th 

Express Workshop:

When:Sunday's for 3 hours


Extra: express workbook included

Location: Belly Bliss

300 Josephine St SUITE 230 • Denver, CO 80206

Cost: $99/couple

Fall Dates: Sept 26th

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Regular Workshop

When:Every Thursday for 4 weeks

Time:6-8pm MT | 8-10pm EST

Extra: workbook included

Location: Private Zoom Link

Cost: $250/couple

Fall Dates: Oct 7-Oct 28th


Express Workshop:

When:Sunday for 3 hours

Time: 1-4pm MT | 3-6pm EST

Extra: express workbook included

Location: Private Zoom Link

Cost: $99/couple

Fall Dates: Oct 10th, Dec 12th

*Recordings of the class will be sent out AFTER the workshop is completed. Live attendances is strongly encouraged to benefit fully from the workshop*

The best gift you can give your children is a solid foundation for them to model after. 

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