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Partners 2 Parents Express Virtual

Partners 2 Parents Express Virtual


The Partners 2 Parents program, developed by certified relationship coaches Chris + Sarah Helms provides new and expecting parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen their friendship, increase intimacy, and regulate conflict. Learn to enjoy parenthood together on the same team, and have a smooth transition to your new roles as parents.


Over the 3 hours couples will learn how to:

  • Co-parent with their partner and their unique parenting style
  • Find strategies for strengthening your friendship
  • Tools to resolving conflict
  • Encourage proactive solution based communication
  • Approach intimacy after baby and keep the connection alive
  • Navigate in-laws, family and friends as well as discover how these relationships impact your relationship.
  • Decide how to organize roles around the house and all of the new “to-dos” that come with a baby.
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