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hey there!

We are Chris + Sarah Helms. We are here to help parents confidently ride the rollercoaster of parenthood, and enjoy each other in the process! 


And yes, we are real life parents, currently in the trenches of toddler life . We are also East Coasters who now call Colorado home. We are sushi lovers, and will forever be the first and last on any dance floor.

Parenthood is work, but our goal is to help you develop skills,  and give you a plan to proactively handle situations so that no matter what your parenthood journey looks like you land with both feet on the ground TOGETHER!

We have always wanted to find a way to support others with their relationships. 

Today, it's a reality for us. We took months of specialized training, have logged so many hours researching, and have help many couples in our workshops and privately. 

We love showing couples that even when Parenthood feels impossible that with some tools, and support you can always be on the SAME TEAM!


Connect with us for any questions, date night suggestions, or even just to introduce yourself to us! 

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