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Being parents means your relationship matters more, not less.

We help you navigate parenthood while building confidence in your relationship. 

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We help parents successfully navigate their relationship while growing their family.

We are here to be your personal PARENTHOOD cheerleaders!

 The only way to do Parenthood is to do it together, and we have cracked the code on how to stay connected, fight less, and truly enjoy the journey of Parenthood! 

Don’t worry NO judgment here....we are REAL LIFE parents too on the same boat as you. We experience tantrums, sleepless nights, disagreements, conflicting parenting styles, and even in-law issues. So, you're wondering then HOW do we enjoy all of that? We have systems, some practiced skills, fun tricks, and a community that supports us no matter where Parenthood takes our relationship. 

The best part?! YOU can have that all too! Our arms are open wide waiting to welcome you!!

Chris + Sarah are amazing! They give relatable practical tips that you can impliment right away!

Verona + Cameron 

 Ready to FINALLY feel heard + understood?

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Parenthood Workshop


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